Fun Fridays & Special Events

During a typical week at camp, we’ll host a Special Event with professional entertainment. Campers have a regular schedule for the first half of the camp day and the second half is dedicated to the Special Event.

Each year we only bring back the Special Events that campers couldn’t get enough of. In the past, we’ve brought in highly-regarded illusionists, hypnotists, circus acts, and many others.  In addition to these outside entertainers, we run some of our own events that have become camp traditions, such as: water carnival, camp carnival and…

Color Games

One of the biggest events at camp each year is Color Games and you won’t find it on any of the schedules because it’s a surprise each year.

Color Games is a three day, high-spirited event where campers are split into two competing teams: RED, BLUE, or WHITE. Each day campers compete for their team in different activities all around camp and the total scores are announced at the end of the day.

On the final day, there is an all-camp event Over Land & Overseas and Sing Down. You can guess what happens at Sing Down… campers sing together with their teammates to show who has the strongest team spirit.

This is a highlight of the summer for most campers each year and it’s a tradition you won’t want to miss out on.

Color Games 2017 Blue Beauties & Beasts v. White Wonderland


Blue Beauties & Beasts v. White Wonderland

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2016                                                                 2015

White Instinct v. Red Valor                           Blue Jedi v. Red Sith

10524314_662545427160307_1072655740357574508_n     60497_491133487634836_900143873_n

2014                                                                  2013

White Army v. Blue Navy                               Red Supermen v. White Batmen


National Circus Project

Water Carnival

Camp Carnival

Camp Show

Color Run 2016 with Bob Kelly from Fox 29

Weekly Nature Events with the 4H Club and Osbaldeston’s Pets of the World

Un-Birthday Party for our Minis and Midgies

Surprise Snacks

Halloween in July