2015 Camp America’s Oktoberfest Recap

On October 18th, 2015 Camp America Day Camp invited the community to join us for our annual Oktoberfest party. It was a brisk fall day, but that didn’t stop the hundreds of people from showing up to Camp America Day Camp to celebrate with us. Our guests participated in numerous events while here on our beautiful 42 acres located on the border of Chalfont and Warrington, in Bucks County Pennsylvania. The children love participating in crafts projects here at Camp America. This year the featured crafts were pumpkin painting and Halloween beading. The pumpkins, necklaces and bracelets turned out to be fabulous!

Painted Pumpkins

Beautiful painted pumpkins at Camp America’s Oktoberfest.


One of our youngest campers creating a Halloween necklace. She is very focused!

The children also loved having their faces painted by the awesome Elizabeth Gailey! We adore Elizabeth and highly recommend her for your next event. She has a wonderful way with children and we welcome her at all of our special events!

Livi, Tayden and Beau

Super Heroes to the Rescue!

Ryan and Jenna


The children and their families were busy all day long with various activities. One of the favorite activities by far is our hayride tour of Camp America’s 42 scenic acres. This is a wonderful way to really get to the know the Camp and it’s amenities. The mummy wrap game was also a ton of fun! These girls did a great job using up their entire roll of bio degradable toilet paper! The children also participated in a candy base running game! In order to collect the candy the children needed to run all of the bases on our professional softball field. Each base had a special candy prize for the children.


Steve Mitchell, Facilities Manager and Co-Owner of Camp America Day Camp, runs our hayrides! His witty charm keeps the children coming back for more!

mummy wrap
Candy base run

This year our new addition to Oktoberfest was our photo booth. Our guests had a wonderful time being silly in our booth! Thank you to all of the camp staff that helped with taking pictures during this event. We hope everyone had as much fun in the camp photo booth as we had viewing the pictures.

Merry and her CITs

CIT girls having fun!

Olivia and Leo


JC fun

Some of our Junior Counselors having some off season fun!

baby pokedoff

The future of Camp America!

Every year during Oktoberfest we raffle off prizes, a large pumpkin and this year a birthday party! Did you know that Camp America teams up with
Freestyle Dance Academy and offers one of a kind birthday parties? We can’t wait to find out what our winner, Eli, decides to choose for his party. For more party ideas check out http://freestyledancepa.com/birthdayparties/. You will not be disappointed!

birthday party winner

Congratulations to Eli for being our big birthday party winner!

Ryan Morrison

Congratulations to Ryan for guessing the weight of our large pumpkin!

We ended our fantastic Oktoberfest party with a campfire down by our brand new challenge course. The children and their families roasted marshmallows and enjoyed their time spent together. At Camp America Day Camp you are not a number, you are FAMILY! Thank you to our extended family and their friends for taking the day and spending it with us! When our grounds are full of wonderful people we feel complete! If you were unable to attend this years event, we hope to see you next year!


A beautiful day for roasting marshmallows at Camp America!

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